Saturday, December 13, 2008

Utah Color Trends 2009

Color trends change over time, however there are few color variations that have withstood the test of time and tend to be best used to satisfy the wides range of consumer wants. Topping the list are the simple natural colors that sooth our minds and hearts in these tough economic times. Those colors that give us comfort and seem to create a calm and conferting feeling in the air.

Leading manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have always had a number of good quality colors that are deep and inviting, both of which have created a number of new colors in the neutral color scheme for 2009. You can get a basic idea of color from visiting their websites, however, you will never know how a color is going to look and feel in your home or office unless you put it on the wall. All paint stores sale sample colors and some will even give you a few to take home if they know you will be buying the paint for your project from them once you've decided on color.

Whether you are working with a professional like myself, or painting yourself it is always best to put samples on the wall. The best location to put these samples are up against the door casing and baseboard. Always put the sample on at least in a two foot by two foot square. It is also important to view the sample in the daytime and night time both will yield a different color.

A good professional paint contractor will take the time to work with you to pick the color you want in your home. Do not ask your contractor to pick the color for you. Ask for suggestions and other questions that are important to you such as the following:

1. What are the most popular colors you have put in homes?
2. I am looking at a neutral brown tone what colors have you found that look the best to you?

The questions are endless, but remember that this is your project and your decision. Keep in mind things such as what color your furniture and carpet are and ask your painter to explain how a red couch may cause your wall color to look a different shade.

Happy Hunting!

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